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The Tech Museum/
in San Jose/
offers visitors/
a chance to see/
how technology works./
It is a well-known fact/
that social interaction/
is important/
for our health./
Moore’s Law says/
that the number of transistors/
that can be placed/
on an integrated circuit/
doubles every two years./
On April 30,/
CERN announced/
that the World Wide Web/
would be free to anyone./
The meetings we had/
over the course of 2 years/
were very useful/
for the development/
of our product./
Highway billboards/
are a great way for hotels/
to get last-minute customers./
Even today,/
there are fewer women/
who work in software engineering/
than in other professions./
The largest concentration/
of wind turbines/
in the world/
is near Highway 580./
Cloud computing systems/
allow you to access your files/
from anywhere./
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